Four Day Beard’s second album, “Somnium” now available for pre-order on clear blue vinyl.

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Get our new record, Somnium, on limited edition clear blue vinyl.

Somnium is a nocturnal dreamscape of overdriven swirling guitars juxtaposed with soft, sweet and sometimes smokey deep vocals. With a penchant for catchy hooks and melodies. Somnium represents a new chapter for us in many ways. While it isn’t a complete departure from our first album, the sound has definitely evolved, covering new sonic territory.

The first single from the album, “Chasing Birds”, is a brooding requiem of connection, love and mortality, while “Living in a daydream” is a psychedelic ode to the magic of music and songwriting. “Calm Black Water” is a rumination of unrelenting wakefulness which features haunting violins and beautiful backing vocals by renowned, magical singer and songwriter, Jolie Holland.

Track Listing (Side A):

  1. Somnium (Prelude)
  2. Chasing Birds – Listen: Apple Music | Amazon Music | Spotify»
  3. Stuck Sometimes
  4. Let It Go
  5. Lost at Sea

Track Listing (Side B):

  1. Living In a Daydream – Listen: Apple Music | Amazon Music | Spotify»
  2. Ready For Nothing
  3. Hiding in Plain Sight
  4. Calm Black Water: Apple Music»Amazon Music»Spotify»
  5. Somnium (Reprise)