Our debut, self titled release (2016).

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Our debut eponymous release (2016) is a brooding contemplation of feelings of alienation, heartbreak & dreams of escaping the problems of modern life and ultimately redemption. All of this emotion and self-discovery is filtered through layers of experimental, indie rock, blues, folk and psychedelic elements resulting in artfully textured headphone friendly soundscapes.

Track Listing:

  1. Kentucky Gentleman
  2. Feels Like I Might Disintegrate
  3. Salty Brine
  4. Doppelgänger
  5. Polar Vortex
  6. Sweetheart Suckers
  7. Elephant On a Rope
  8. East Texas

Recorded and produced across three locations in Southern Illinois, Knoxville Tennessee and San Luis Obispo California, the album is a collection of works that include long distance songwriting and instrumentation collaboration with Brian Herndon (PedantsThe Minderbinders) in Knoxville, TN and features guitar work by Karim Elgobashi (The Gun Hill Royals) in Los Angeles, CA.

” The album’s unusual instrumentation, forlorn lyrics, and striking but unobtrusive melodies are immediately attractive—which is sort of amazing for a band clearly operating well outside the mainstream.” and  “Very interesting sounds indeed.” The New Times SLO 

“… great lyrics, inventive instrumentation and catchy melodies.” – No More Division 

The second song from the album won an award in New Times SLO’s NTMA Awards’ “open” category. It was truly an honor to be included among all of the great musicians awarded at the NTMA’s.